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TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x)

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TERASOLUNA is a solution provided by NTT DATA Group Corporation which combines the technology and know-how of "Framework", "Development process" and "Project management" as well as offers comprehensive support for system development. NTT DATA Group Corporation has developed a number of large-scale, complex mission critical systems using TERASOLUNA in the past. NTT DATA Group Corporation is looking to fundamentally revolutionize the system development field by usage and development of TERASOLUNA. Refer for details.

What is TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x)?

"TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x)" is developed by having the rich experience of technical know-how of NTT DATA Group Corporation which makes optimum use of open source software (hereafter referred as OSS) such as Spring Framework used widely across the world for enterprise development where high reliability is required. By use of OSS, it becomes easier to comply with the latest technologies and secure global developers, and at the same time the user can take advantage of knowledge and know-how of developers around the world as well as NTT DATA Group Corporation.


TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) consists of following artifacts:

Development Guideline

This is a Comprehensive Development Guideline for effective use of OSS based technology stacks such as "Spring MVC", "Spring Framework", "MyBatis3/JPA" in open system development. The primary purpose of this guideline is to provide the know-how of Java oriented application development which can be achieved only with the years of work experience. A developer can easily develop a high degree of reliable enterprise application by referring this guideline. Refer Development Guidelines for more details.

Common Library

Generic components that are useful in enterprise application development. Refer terasoluna-gfw for further details.

Blank Project

Blank project is a template of available project configuration for enterprise development. Refer below for details.

Sample Application

Implementation of some features that complies with the guidelines. You can take a look at the code for better understanding. Refer below for details.

Request for additional features/request for improvement

We are open for receiving requests of adding new features or improvement or bug reporting, if any, in TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x). Please report issues in the corresponding GitHub repository.

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