1.3. This document covers the following

This guideline provides best practices to develop highly maintainable Web applications using full stack framework focussing on Spring, Spring MVC and JPA, MyBatis.

This guideline helps to proceed with the software development (mainly coding) smoothly.

1.4. Target readers of this document

This guideline is written for the architects and programmers having software development experience and knowledge of the following.

  • Basic knowledge of DI and AOP of Spring Framework
  • Web development experience using Servlet/JSP
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Experience of building Web Application using Maven

This guideline is not for beginners.

In order to check whether the readers have basic knowledge of Spring Framework, refer to Spring Framework Comprehension Check. It is recommended to study the following books if one is not able to answer 40% of the comprehension test.

1.5. Structure of this document

  • Architecture Overview
    Overview of Spring MVC and basic concepts of TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) is explained.
  • Application Development
    Knowledge and methods for application development using TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) are explained.
  • Feature Details
    Method to implement the functions required for general application development using TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) or features of each function is explained.
  • Security countermeasures
    Security measures are explained focusing on Spring Security.
  • Tutorials
    Experience in application development using TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) through simple application development.
  • Appendix(Know How)
    Describing the additional information when TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) is being used.

1.6. Reading this document

Firstly read “Architecture Overview”.
Implement “First application based on Spring MVC” for beginners of Spring MVC.
Read “Application Layering” as the terminology and concepts used in this guideline are explained here.

Then continue with “Tutorials”.
Get a feel of application development using TERASOLUNA Global
Framework by firstly trying it as per the proverb “Practice makes perfect”.

Use this tutorial to study the details of application development in “Application Development”.
Since the knowhow for development is explained using Spring MVC in “Implementation of Application Layer”,
it is recommended to read it again and again several times.
One can get a better understanding by studying “Tutorials” once again after reading this chapter.

It is strongly recommended that all the developers who use TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) read it.

Refer to “Feature Details” and “Security countermeasures
as per the requirement. However, read “Input Validation” since it is normally required for application development.

The technical leader understands all the contents and checks the type of policy to be decided in the project.

1.7. Tested environments of this document

For tested environments of contents described in this guideline, refer to “Tested Environment”.