12.3. Reference Books

This guideline was prepared after referring to the following books. Refer to them as per the requirements.

Book name Publisher Remarks
Spring徹底入門 Shoeisha Co., Ltd Japanese
Pro Spring 4th Edition APress  
Pro Spring 3 APress  
Pro Spring MVC: With Web Flow APress  
Spring Persistence with Hibernate APress  
Spring in Practice Manning  
Spring in Action, Third Edition Manning  
Spring Data Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java O’Reilly Media  
Spring Security 3.1 Packt Publishing  
Spring3入門―Javaフレームワーク・より良い設計とアーキテクチャ Gihyo Digital Publishing Japanese
Beginning Java EE 6 GlassFish 3で始めるエンタープライズJava Shoeisha Co., Ltd Japanese
Seasar2とHibernateで学ぶデータベースアクセス JPA入門 Mynavi Corporation Japanese